Why Blessed?

All courses, programs and retreats we offer are focused to improve metabolism, vitality & strengthen immunity while charging your Spirituality.

Blessed Yoga Retreats is an outreach of Bliss Within Reach Foundation founded by Sevak Om.

  • We strive to detox, rejuvenate & realign your Mind, Body & Soul.
  • We provide you with tools and methods and teach Yogic Processes blessed by Sevakji (Rudraji) himself.
  • Our goal is to uplift you to the highest spiritual level & equip you with Spiritual vigor to perform better at all levels in life.

Blessed ​​Yoga Retreats are must needed journey for wellness seekers where they can emerge Blissful through ancient Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Healing energy of the surrounding Nature, Ayurvedic rejuvenation massages. We dedicate ourselves in providing Yoga, Meditation, & Life Wellness Retreats blessed by Sevakji’s Tri-Shakti Energy which is manifested in every human through Third-Eye brow chakra.

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