Tri Meditation® Course


Invoke, Worship and Meditate™

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Tri Meditation helps develop a direct connection to Divine. People often meditate without first cleansing themselves, their surroundings and proper rituals to invoke the Divinity. Although the Supreme Energy is omnipresent one needs to create a direct pathway in-order to establish and sustain a connection in today’s world. Tri Meditation is a rigorous and hard core meditation technique.

In Tri Meditation through Deeksha (initiation) Tri Shakti Energy is invoked. It’s uniqueness is the use of this initiated Tri Shakti Energy and can be performed at designated days either solely or at a gathering. It is composed of three steps which are – Invoking, Worshiping and Meditating.

How does it work? –

  • You Invoke Tri Shakti Energy destroying all kinds of negativity.
  • You Worship to create a pathway through Tri Shakti Energy.
  • You Meditate upon this established connection.

Process –

  • You follow an guided method to Invoke
  • With a spiritual ritual you worship the invoked energy
  • After completing the procedures one must meditate.


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