Sun Salutations Program


Salutations to Sun is one of the most important and sacred practice to uplift spiritually and empower yourself.

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Sun Salutations

Worship, Aasans, Kavach™

Sun energy heals and nurtures all living things in the world. Worshiping Sun has been part of many belief systems in the world through centuries. Starting your day with vigor, enthusiasm and satisfaction through Sun’s potent energy should be the goal in one’s life. Enhancing this energy will boasts your aura and prepares you to combat stress and negativity that may stumble upon you throughout day. It certainly provides an opportunity to pay gratitude to the nature.

Many people cannot dedicate time to perform yoga, exercises and breathing techniques. In today’s world, Surya Namaskar is a rapid medicine for –

  • Flexibility
  • Stretching
  • Improving endurance
  • Gaining enormous vitality
  • Developing vibrant personality

In essence it is truly a mini-workout with uncountable positive side effects. While, Surya Namaskar (a Phase-I) affects at the physical level, Phase-II affects at the energy-level strengthening aura and Phase-III rejuvenates your connection to the Divine Supreme Energy.

Sevakji provides a unique way to guide one through this sacred practice. Sun Salutations is part of a sacred practice, Surya Upasana.


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