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Ommm Yoga (21 Postures\Aasans)

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Yoga is a comprehensive package that helps each individual to achieve the full potential. The asanas/posture gives a smooth massage to our internal organs ensuring the flexibility.  Breath has a natural rhythm with our emotions as the breath pattern changes in accordance with our emotions.  Hence the pranayama helps us to maintain the serenity, peace of mind.  Through constant practice of few basic asanas & pranayama in a natural and simple way, we can lead a healthy life style. Hence it is of utmost importance to learn properly the yogic science to lead a healthy, stress free and contented life. Since the techno age citizen is a complex phenomenon reflecting enormous changes in the collective consciousness itself, our contribution through the yogic teaching will lead to the individual transformation making the experience of perpetual joy a reality for one and all.

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” meaning to yoke, join or unite. Yoga is a continuous process of uniting leading to enlightenment. The techniques used to bring the body, mind and breath in harmony is called yoga. It is the Integration all aspects of the individual – body with mind and mind with soul – to achieve a balanced, contended, effective life, and spiritually,  ultimately uniting the individual with the supreme on continuous basis, making the living an absolutely enjoyable one.

The Origin
The Adiyogi, Lord Shiva passed on the secret of living in perpetual ecstasy (the Yogic techniques thro His teachings known as Shiva Sutras) to his counter part Maa Parvati. Later on, on insistence of Maa Parvati, he shared the wisdom to his primary disciples, seven most evolved beings, popularly known as Saptarishis who in turn spread the divine secrets world wise.  Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas contain various references regarding yogis and yogic practices.

Why Tri Kriya Yoga?
Tri Kriya Yoga, uniquely focuses on teaching Yoga while focusing on inhalation, suspension and exhalation of breathing.


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